Our newest Frontman release is the 2019 LP from Big John Bates: Noirchestra – “Skinners Cage”. Here’s the first video – All the Devils.

It’s the opening track and a ragged rocker – but instead of a hyper-amped guitar, an insane violin drives the track. The video was shot in a mad grindshow-style that compliments the B-movie spookiness of the track and sets the mood for the entire album. You can feel that this is a band built for the live experience.


Frontman Records is into sounds that are alternately epic and emotional and created with our Cascadian backdrop. Special bands that don’t require intense volume but who speak with it. One way or another our alternative is music that causes movement, tiny or tidal with big roots, a dark cabaret feeling and a rustic punk heart. 

We have co-releases and distribution with Rookie Records (DE), Glitterhouse Records (DE), Alternative Tentacles (USA), Wolverine Records (DE), Sonic Rendezvous (Benelux) and CD Baby Mailorder (WW).

EMAIL: info_at_frontmanrecords.net

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